The Stories of Sam by Sheila Hoeman

Three KS2 chapter books.    
High interest story with simple text.
Centred around Emotional Literacy helping children understand some of the issues they may experience in their world.
Available in paperback and Kindle
Brilliant for BOYS (and girls!)

Learning through story - supporting all children through their primary years, 

Each of the chapters in all my books is a complete short story for 7-11 year olds.

Young readers find it easy to engage with the characters and empathise with their experiences.

Moving on

"the voices outside his house continued and Sam realised it was a different language. Dad picked up the local paper attracted by the headline.
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New Friends

Fresh Start

"Sam smiled to himself as he thought how lucky he was to have two homes and parents who were friends." "Sam walked on, head down, school bag dragging in the dirt. Even his worst enemy could have told you how he was feeling."

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Binky Mouse

Have fun learning with me. Curriculum linked adventure stories for 3-7's. 

 Now only digital apart from Music man. Ideal resource for home schooling with ideas for practical activities.